How to automatically post your shopify blog to facebook

How to automatically post your shopify blog to facebook


Zapier is great for tying two systems together, especially if they have open APIs. So if you're ever looking to have some sort of automation done for when an action happens, and then it triggers something else, this is a good place to start looking before you have something custom built.

Today we're going to learn:

How to automatically post your shopify blog to facebook.

Once logged into Zapier, click “Make a Zap!” in the top right hand corner.

User logs into Zapier and clicks Make a Zap!

Note: A paid premium Zapier account is required to create Shopify integrations.

In the Zapier dashboard, search and  click on Shopify. Next,  click on "Show Less Common Options."

User searches for and selects Shopify to begin the Zapier integration

User clicks "show less common options"

This will display everything we can do with Shopify. . Now select  "New Blog Entry" and Save + Continue.

User selects New Blog Entry and clicks Save and Continue

Next we select our Shopify store and click  save and continue.

User selects the correct Shopify store and clicks Save and Continue

Afterwards we’ll select  a Shopify blog.

User selects the Shopify blog they want to use

Select the first blog entry, and click Continue.

User picks an existing post to test the Zap

On the bottom right hand side,  click on, "+ Add Another Step"

User is finished setting up Shopify and must now configure Facebook by selecting Add a Step

For the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to select “Action/Search”

User chooses to search for an action 

There are additional helper steps that can be configured to alter the way your content is posted and received.

Path - Allows you to select different paths depending on criteria like tags.

  • Example: Blog posts tagged with BlogA will post on your Travel Blog. Blog posts tagged with BlogB will post to your Ecommerce Blog.

Filter - Allows a zap to proceed when certain conditions are met.

Delay - Pause actions for a certain amount of time before continuing.

Since  we want to post to our Facebook page, We’ll search for facebook and select “Facebook Pages”.

User searches for Facebook and selects Facebook Pages

Select Create Page Post and click Save + Continue.

User chooses Create a Page Post and clicks Save and Continue

Select your facebook account and  now, it's time for us to set up the template.

Now  to select a Facebook Page , add a Message, and configure the Link URL

User formats the message and link url to their liking

Now, all we need to do is hit continue, and it will come up and it will allow us to post this to Shopify store.

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