Working with Sunbowl

Thank you for your interest in working with Sunbowl.

Sunbowl believes in freedom of choice and autonomy balanced by integrity and accountability. We assume that the agreed-upon date is when you submit the tasks you've chosen to complete if you have not communicated any challenges. 

Individuals that understand our methodology find great success at our company — those who don't are released to find their path. 

Sunbowl is a distributed team; which means we don't have a physical office. Everything happening at Sunbowl is shared and viewed through Slack. 

We lean into the digital nomad lifestyle to empower you to live your dreams of working and traveling.

Part of our secret sauce is that we work exclusively with Shopify, but don't be discouraged if you've never touched the Shopify platform.

We invite new team members to our tribe based on our core processes. Many team members are new to Shopify when they start.